Fashion Fun: Dreaming of a little sunshine

It has been a while, I keep on trying to book some time to write, but never seem to find it. Going from Diplomat to Entrepreneur has brought many culture shocks of its own, and yes, you can have a paralyzing moment or two, when changing careers, especially when going from one end of the spectrum to another!  I digress. We have been snowed under, literally and figuratively. The snow keeps on coming down, and work keeps on piling up. So, I thought I would take a little trip via the internet and get some spring time inspiration.

I love starting off with Sandals:


I love a good Stuart Weitzman shoe, and orange t-straps are stunning.

Both from Comrags Toronto designers that you have to check out! I am obsessed with these two pieces, which means, I will probably do a pilgrimage to the store this spring. So in love!

Sacs Sac porté main Roseau heritage - (Ref.:1981767)

LongChamp – am obsessed with this design and colour. When we were backpacking, I found a fabulous perfect small purse in Paris, beautiful shade of red. My husband told me “don’t worry, pick it up after Italy on our way home ” Well, we came back to Paris, and we had forgotten to check that it was a National holiday. That perfect purse never came home with me, it stayed trapped in a very closed store. Still dream about that perfect purse and my missed opportunity, never going to listen to my husband again!

Spring, where are you when I need you!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone. I will be on another road trip.

Travel lady with Baby

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