About Travel Lady

This is my tale of a bizarro life, growing up in a diplomatic world, moving from one country to another, then growing up and working in Foreign affairs.

This blog follows stories of my past, and present, as a life of a nomad by career choice, and a woman, mother and wife, who quit the diplomatic life to start a company with, yes, my husband. We travel, juggle a business and life as parents. This blog has everything from adventures to misadventures, and my favorite subject – Culture shock, from the bad to the funny.

There are a cast of characters that will come out over time. From Vancouver, to Quebec, to moving with a toddler cross-country 2x , to camping, snowshoeing and travelling with a baby to various countries. 

I don’t give names – sorry, I refer to everyone by nicknames.

My Father – the diplomat, he passed away when I was 19 and left an incredible mark on this world. The most positive human being I have ever met in my life.

The little man (my son) – he is a pint-sized dictator, absolutely brilliant, incredible, and the most hilarious little human being you can meet.

My Main squeeze – the husband in my life: hilarious, charming and the love of my life. He also drives me around the bend and back, but charmed and entertained I am all the time. Also the best travel companion and adventure enthusiast.

I look at everything with a sense of humour, as a challenge, and most of all as a positive life lesson. So, between crazy things I have learned in the most uptight career, to funny and serious things that have happened to us as a family along the way, have a chat, or just enjoy.

I have never considered myself an expert at very much, but travel and moving have been such a huge part of my life, that I can say, without a doubt that I actually am.

If you request more information or have questions of any kind regarding moving or travelling with your children, you can contact me at Lady@travelladywithbaby.com

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40 thoughts on “About Travel Lady

  1. we travel quite often, too. probably not as much as you have. as newly weds, we moved continents from north america to australia and then recently from australia to canada when our son was 7 weeks old. soon, we will be on another flight to calgary to see the sights and then finally traveling back to australia via 3 countries in asia come june when he will be about 6 months old. i’m looking forward to reading your posts on traveling with your baby and get some tips; all our upcoming travels are sounding a little bit ka-ray-zie. :)

    • Hi, thank you so much for stopping by. Moving around can be pretty tough, but fun at the same time. I hope you find some tips, you can e-mail me any time if you have questions. We are obsessive travelers, and think that it can be a positive experience! Crazy can be fun – all the great stories come from crazy!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, and the follow. Love Quebec City. We were there last fall, stayed in the old city at Auberge des Tresoors, one wall of the artists lane. Love to support Canadian bloggers, especially travellers.

  3. Wow sounds like you have lived, and live, a pretty grand life. I love traveling. Grew up in Europe, Sweden to be exact, and was fortunate enough to travel a lot during my childhood. Decided to move across the earth and ended up in the U.S.
    Haven’t done much travling since I’ve had to start paying for it myself sadly, but still dream about the day when I can take a vacation and go to a new place and be amazed of the scenrey, the people and the culture. Thanks for stopping by and liking my post!

    • Thanks, I have lived a very full and hilarious life, and still have massive mad adventures ahead, I am sure of that. Growing up in Europe sounds very interesting, especially Sweden. You will travel again, I am sure of it!

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  5. Just found your blog from your comments on wanderlustress. We appear to have similar tastes since we have the same format:-) Your photos are great! Looking forward to more. Do you have plans to write about Quebec and post photos? Almost went there last year with my family.

    • I am so glad you found me! I will be posting more about Quebec, I posted one on Old Montreal, a while back. I usually take my time to reflect before posting on a particular place, or it has to have a funny story attached. Travelling with a young one is amusing to say the least. It is a fantastic province, well worth a visit!

  6. Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog and I’m so glad I did! I lived in Vancouver for a while and I fell in love with it. My sister lived in Quebec and kept asking me to go visit her but I couldn’t. I look forward to reading about your adventures and your travel experiences! Greetings from Indonesia!

    • Thank you for finding me, and for following! Great to here of someone else who lived in Vancouver! Too bad you haven’t visited Quebec yet, it is beautiful, we will enjoy it until we get itchy feet to move again. Indonesia, wow, I have almost been several times, but plans always changed, cannot wait to see it.

  7. Fascinating blog! Very interesting, inspiring and I have really enjoyed what I have read so far. Me and my husband don’t yet have any children, but lovely travelling and are planning to move to New Zealand in September for at least a year to travel and work. I am very much a newbie but I have started my own blog to document it, and will continue to read yours with interest! :)

    • Thank you! Children or no children, travel should be an adventure! New Zealand, so exciting, what an absolutely fabulous time you will have. I have yet to visit, but look forward to living vicariously through your blog. Thanks for stopping by.

      • Thanks! It is very exciting, and also quite scary! Whatever happens I am sure it will be a memorable adventure though. Good luck with your bucketlist and I will be sure to pop by and check in :)

  8. i had known of your blog before but somehow only just started following you! we just completed our whirlwind tour of the world (melbourne > LA > vancouver > banff > vancouver > tokyo > seoul > singapore > melbourne) with our son who, when we left, was 7 weeks and, when we returned, was 7 months. so yes, we know a thing or two about traveling with a baby. :-) it was amazing. i’m loving reading about your adventures. i also LOVE LOVE LOVE your town vancouver. looking forward to more of your posts. x

    • Holy smokes, that is a lot of travelling and good for you! I have to praise people for just going with it in life. So glad you love Vancouver, we moved to Montreal, but loved the time we had in Vancouver so much. I hope you have already checked out the roundhouse for all things baby related, Fit4two and checked out Saf and Benjamin for great stuff, that is, if you are living downtown?!

      • Sadly, we are no longer in Vancouver! It was just a short – too short – time we were there. Loved Roundhouse activities and yes I is fit 4 two with the little guy. We lived in kits which was absolutely gorgeous. Montreal is pretty too miss the jean talone market! You r lucky to live in such lovely places :-)

  9. Hi. Very excited to find your blog – my travel bug has been nuked by kids but I sense it rearing it’s head as they get to school age and are more able to enjoy the travel themselves. Not sure my husband’s ready to give up the beach holidays just yet but myabe you’ll inspire us to make different choices a bit sooner! Annabel

    • Thank you for stopping by and writing such a lovely note! YAY for travelling – beach vacations are awesome. Your husband will be up for it, especially if you can combine the two for the first trip. Let me know if there is a place your are looking to visit, or something you are looking for specifically, always more that happy to help.

  10. I love your writing style! I actually have a question about another blogger….do you know Patty at discover and devour personally? I have developed a friendship with Oster’s Mom since starting my blog in May. Patty was a great cyber friend and mentor but she hasn’t posted or commented since July 30th. I am worried about her.

    If you know her personally or have any info, please email me!

    • Hi, thank-you! I don’t know her personally and had attempted to e-mail her, but it bounced back. I was going to attempt again because I was worried too, she is such an avid writer. If you manage to get a hold of her, please let me know, it feels very strange not see her friendly posts!

  11. I grew up in South East Asia, so I know about traveling. Granted, we lived there for MANY years, but I managed to see a lot of areas in the world that I wouldn’t have had we not moved there. The Hubs and I did quite a lot of traveling when we were first married, but now that we have a child, we really haven’t done any. But I’m finally reaching that place where I am almost ready to start seeing the world again. I shall be asking you for tips and tricks!

    I love your blog, by the way!

    • Excellent, I love hearing where people have lived and what they have seen. Travelling with your child is about comfort level, we never seem to put our feet on the ground for long! We kinda get bored, and then have to get up an go somewhere!

  12. Hi Travel Lady With Baby!

    I read your post about taking your toddler with you on a business trip. What did you do with him when you had your meetings? I’ve considered researching sitter services to the different locations I go to but have always been wary of doing that.

    • I feel very fortunate that I own and run a company. Going on a business trip with the whole family is like travelling with a circus. I haven’t used a babysitting service on the road yet, but know people who have. There are some great Nanny services that have well trained individuals. I only know of one in the U.S and a couple in Europe. I am not sure where you go more regularly, but some hotel chains have great resources. The only way we manage our business travel is to have every minute organized, meetings and activities planned out, along with food. It is insane, but can be done and in my case, really fun. Let me know if you need any info! Lady@travelladywithbaby.com

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