Portable Toddler Bed with Sides

A toddler travel bed is a comfortable mattress that provides comfortable sleeping place for children who go with parents for holiday visits. Portable toddler beds are convenient for parents who travel with their kids and are not cozy with resting places for their children. Selection of the journey beds a parent has to settle for the most comfortable toddler bed.

The beds range from dark materials to extremely light ones, different colors and shades of design. For a toddler bed to be considered safe for children it has to have a major key feature such as ventilations. The air mattress is most compact for a travel bed for the important feature it can be deflated to a tiny size and carried in a bag and later inflated at the place of destination.portable-toddler-bed-with-sides

A majority of airbeds are easy to raise thus a pump may not be needed. The beds take few minutes to inflate. A parent needs to settle for a portable toddler bed with sides to give children better comfort. Some of the best toddler best include:

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light

The baby Bjorn bed weighs from five pounds to twenty pounds. The toddler bed is of high quality and durable. The bed has spaces where one can store some valuables a child may need while traveling. The travel bed is fitted with sheets, mesh top cover which protects against harsh sun rays and stubborn insects and a vented contoured base with comfortable firm mattress. The mattress in the bed is made of high-quality material and a washable cover. It is light and can be transported and carried around with one hand easily. Due to all these amazing features, the travel bed for kids is convenient.

The Lotus Travel Crib

The Lotus Travel Crib has a one hand fold and doesn’t weigh much. The bed takes a little time to set up; it takes 15 seconds, and it’s ready for use. The bed is compact that it can be carried as a bag pack quickly. Incredible features of the bed are a fun side door, a machine washable cover; quality certified and breathable meshes which allows air circulation. The bed has no frame of lead or PVC. The Lotus Travel Crib is pocket-friendly compared to other toddler beds. The bed is suitable for parents and guardians who want a crib with more construction to it.

Kidco Peapod Portable Bed

The Kidco Portable Bed is a durable bed and provides great comfort to kids. The bed is light, easy to unpack and compact. The bed is believed to put kids to sleep due to its intimate nature. The Kidco bed can withstand any form of rough handling and serve a parent for years till the child outgrows it. The bed comes fully assemble for convenient use. The Kidco is perfect for sleepovers or the beach, and it comes with sleeping pads. Some of the other features of this bed are inner mesh zipper panel, anchoring straps, and adjustable sun screens.

Intex Kidz Portable Travel Bed

The Intex bed is an innovation in the toddler bed industry that is new. The bed is inflatable that fits into a frame. The structures are separated from the bed thus makes it easy to use crib sheets with the bed. The structures provide a perfect shield for a child to prevent falling off when assembled. The bed is soft and tender on skin and firm to accommodate a toddler who weighs 40 pounds.

I Should Have Left My Mother At Home- Wedding Dress Shopping

i-should-have-left-my-mother-at-home-wedding-dress-shoppinI know, you all need a good laugh, or is that just me? Apparently, little girls dream of their wedding dress, no, well at least that is what I have been told, it just wasn’t me.

Weddings bring the worst out of families, I just had no idea that my Mother, would not only have a different idea of what “WE” wanted, but the years of entertaining in Diplomatic circles made her think she was really good at organizing events. Lets just set a picture, my Mother, has never been on time for anything, and I never had a birthday party, and my Mother forgot that all events were planned by a massive staff at the embassy. No worries though, I at least inherited my Father’s compulsive time and organizational skills.

I decided, maybe by mistake, to take my Mother to look at wedding dresses. I was told that the “PERFECT” dress would be the beginning of the “Best day of my life!” – I still don’t get that, what is it with weddings and it being the best day of your life, what would I look forward to the day after?

You know it is going to go wrong, when my Mother shows up in her pearls, and is ready to check the seams of every dress you put on. Oh, your Mother doesn’t do that? Mine comes armed with a magnifying glass, and her strong opinions.

Our first store, my Mother saw a pink confection, and demanded I try it on. I wanted to make my Mother happy, so I said fine. mean while, I looked at a gorgeous number, with a little bit of a plunging neck line, it was straight, perfect, simple.

My Mother, in her best fake upper crust English, humoured my choices. When I got to the straight dress, she raised one eyebrow, looked over her glasses, and asked “would you have wanted to walk down the aisle with your Father?” – seriously, trumping me with the dead father card? Of course, I had no idea what to say to that one.

I looked, and shrugged my shoulders, I loved it,but went back and put on the pink confection. As I came out, my Mother declared “that’s the one” – I was a little shocked, my Mother typically picked out stuff that I HATED (talk about being opposite in visions and taste) and could be definitive and absolute, leaving you no room to tell her you hate it. This happened to me so many times over my life, that I don’t think I ever owned a dress that I LIKED!

I looked in the mirror, and gasped at the sight of an ill fitting pink marshmallow swallowing me whole. It had sparkly thinks on the straps, the skirt was massive and made me feel like I was playing dress-up. I was NOT in LOVE. I didn’t move, I sort of stood there in shock as my Mother took out pieces of fabric from her purse, oh your Mother doesn’t do that. She had already picked out the veil, and it was not my style. She had been saving fabric from various countries we lived in, and wanted to incorporate it into the veil. An interesting and lovely concept, but still not my style.

As I remained stunned and wanting to swear out loud, I managed to say no to the pink. My Mother pursed her lips, and an eyebrow raised as she said “well, white is not exactly an attractive look on you, the pink is sweet and innocent, absolute perfection.” – well, o.k not sure who thought I was innocent, I had been living in sin for years, and good gawd, I was in my late 20′s.

As I walked away to the change room, I felt a little sick, I was thinking simple, fun and entertaining wedding, my Mother was thinking fancy diplomatic event that saw her as the center of attention. When I came out, fully dressed, I  said to my Mother that I wanted to think about it.

No need, she had already bought the dress. YUP, my Mother made the decision and bought the marshmallow confection.

At least she was kind enough to order it in white!.

I bet your Mother didn’t purchase your wedding dress without telling you? Don’t worry, I got her back.

An Island and a Flasher in Venezuela

An Island and a Flasher in VenezuelaYeah, I have had many ridiculous trips, but this one, clearly left a horrible imprint in my brain, which I have attempted to scrub out, no such luck.

It all started a fateful Christmas, in which I was heading home to Caracas from boarding school, in Canada. I landed in Caracas, to my Father, who casually announced my Brother was arriving with his Girlfriend, my first reaction “What the Frick Frack!” nobody bothered to tell me this, and it isn’t like I wanted to spend time with extra people after being in boarding school,  hello, you pee, shower, sleep, eat, study with people everywhere, you don’t get privacy. To understand my reaction, you would have to understand my family, they are a little nutty, but when someone visits Caracas, and has never traveled outside of English speaking countries, Culture Shock was definitely someone you didn’t want to deal with on a vacation.

My Brother arrived, and there she was, the first thing that came out of her mouth was a little whining, and a tiny cough, declaring she had asthma, was allergic to smoke, smog, our dog, and well, life in general! Why the freck would you bother coming to Caracas, where 1 out of every 2 people smoke,  my brother, is/was the ultimate dog lover, our dog was a family member (she slept with me when I came home) so piss off about your allergies and take a pill. That is besides the point.

My Father surprised us with a day trip to a deserted Island, he felt badly, he had planned it for me before my brother asked if he could bring his girlfriend home. He didn’t want to exclude anyone, so arranged for them to go too. I tried sucking it up, but I was a little disappointed. We had to leave at 4am to get to the airport.

We met the pilot, and boarded a 6 seater airplane. I wasn’t thrilled we were in such a small plane, but who cared we were heading to a small town, to then board a small boat with a picnic and head to the island. So this is what happened:

We got to this picturesque island, and island, I mean there were a couple of trees and bushes, white sand everywhere you looked. I was beyond excited. I had a book, an umbrella and a towel, I was happy as a clam.

The whining started the moment we set foot on the island. “ooooh, I don’t swim, carry me, I am hot” WOW, someone who didn’t know how to swim coming to Venezuela of all places, ok, I totally get fears, no judgement there.

The picnic was not a picnic, turned out it was water and crackers. I didn’t really care, I was just happy to be there. The lizards, were there to get the crackers. So the dance with the lizards began. They were a little cheeky, coming up to you, but not quite touching you.

The girlfriend, screamed any time the lizard came near her “get them away, ohhh, get them away”, the more she screamed, the closer the lizards would get. They actually climbed on her back while she was laying under the umbrella, I thought it was funny. I probably shouldn’t have laughed, but it was funny. She claimed she loved the outdoors, and loved camping, so I didn’t get what the fuss was about.

I would head into the water, it was so shallow for about a kilometer that you didn’t need to swim, just walk. All I heard was “oooh I don’t swim, carry me, I am so scared.” as I kept on going further out to escape the annoying whining, I heard “Ohhh, your sister shouldn’t be so far out, she doesn’t know how to swim well.” – WHHHAAAAT???? Yeah, wasn’t sure how she jumped to that conclusion considering I grew up swimming and had to tread water for 10 minutes at a time at school.

So then the sand flees came out, yeah, sometimes it happens, but I had brought some spray. I put it on, my brother told his girlfriend to put it on, I told her to put it on, she kept refusing and kept whining that it/me smelled bad.

After a whole 5 hours of this, the boat came back to get us. I was so happy to head home, and close the door to my bedroom and have silence, I really didn’t want this Christmas break to start off with me losing it on her. Well, I still had to endure the flight, there was a lot of whining about getting bitten, and how much she hated lizards.

When the plane landed, and made its stop, I got out first, jumped down. My brother got down and so did his girlfriend – she jumped, her  short dress went up around her shoulders and flashed every bit of flesh. Yup, she wasn’t wearing a thing under her dress! The pilot, every single person in the lounge, our embassy driver, oh and my Father’s friend who had arranged the whole thing, SAW EVERYTHING! I was so so so mortified.

There were a few comments in Spanish of complete horror. Nudity, is absolutely not acceptable, no nipples and definitely no crotch shots, culturally  you might think they are all about nudity, but they aren’t there are lines you should never cross, especially if you are a diplomat. The bikinis might be small, but that is on the beach. One always covers up properly, when going back to eat or get back on a plane. Venezuelans typically call you something else if nudity is displayed, and it isn’t a very nice term of endearment.

I was mortified, and knew there would be a phone call back to my Father requesting his future daughter-in law to put on underwear.

We got back, my Father looked at me, knew exactly what had happened, he did get a phone call very quickly afterwards. That night, she was taken to the hospital because, the crazy lady, who was told to put on spray, but refused, had a reaction to all those bites. Well, it wasn’t a reaction, she complained they were itchy, and her whining convinced my Mother she needed to go. She ended up with over the counter medication.

Would you love her after that?

They got married, still not a fan.

Swingers, really?

keep-calm-and-swingers-on.jpgYears ago, around this time of year, my then boyfriend, now husband and I went to a networking event at a club with some work friends. Now to describe a government networking event, Oh my, think about a room full of badly dressed 20 somethings, alcohol and  business cards, not terribly exciting. About an hour in, we were having a good time, having a few cocktails, and chatting up a storm.

More people joined us, including a married couple from hubby’s work. I like to call them the Pair, my husband only knew the husband portion in passing.

The husband portion of the Pair eyed me, sat beside me, and began to ask a few questions. He had a really thick Eastern European accent, which made it really difficult for me to understand. He began to flirt with me, or at least, I only caught on to it a good 30 minutes too late, because  I was about 2 minutes behind of everything he said,  he kept on putting the wrong emphasis on the wrong Syl-lable, which made me lose the nuances.

Nobody at the table noticed the hand that swept across my knee. I thought nothing of it, table was crowded, tried to give the benefit of the doubt.

I looked across the table to my hubby, who was with the wife portion of the Pair, he looked a wee bit uncomfortable, but I couldn’t figure out why. I excused myself to head to the washroom, as I left, I realized that the wife portion had her hand on my hubby’s thigh, he was attempting to move it, and quickly got up. At this point, I really wasn’t putting 2 and 2 together.

I got out of the washroom, and the hubby portion was lingering in the hallway, o.k he was actually waiting for me, he cornered me, started slurring his words, leaning on the wall. He stroked my hair, and kept smiling – AWKWARD!!! What do you say to your husbands colleague…I wanted to punch the guy out, but figured that probably wouldn`t be a smart move.

As I quickly left the rambling man behind,  I got to the table to find the wife portion on my hubby`s lap – YUP!!!  So close to leaping on her and starting a cat fight. What do you say to the hussy making moves on your boyfriend, in front of her husband! My husband had this confused, trapped look, he had his hands in the air as if he was being put under arrest, terrified of touching her. he motioned to me, as I approached, the husband portion, came up and put his arm around my waist, and leaned into my ear – I was in full shock.

My husband and I locked eyes, at the same time, we somehow made the fastest exit possible. I had heard about them, read about them, but had never thought I would meet swingers from work, and have them blatantly make passes in public – weren`t there specific forums or parties for swingers? WHY PICK ON MEEEEE!!!!!

We made our escape pretty quickly, we stopped at a pub and had to down a few drinks,  and went home.  So, the couple made a not so subtle pass on us, O.K, could have used some warning. When my husband appeared at work, a friend laughed claiming  the Pair had been doing their rounds – SAY WHAT????

We thought the evening would pass, but my husband began getting e-mails and phone calls, about going over for dinner at the Pairs house – like that was ever going to happen. Who would have thunk that we would get stalked too.

It took 6 months of saying no, and never seeing the Pair before they moved onto another couple.